Samsung tv launchapp command

Does any know how I could launch an app in a rule? I have the option of doing launchapp and there are two parameters. I’m not sure what to put in those parameters.


From a quick search of the community, it looks like @Sam_Denton figured it out (with Tasker) and @Daniel_Westergren was researching it - I wonder if either of them have insights?

Have you tried opening an app and then viewing the device data directly (eg. via REST API or through TAustin’s API Browser) to see which properties change? Maybe that would give you some insights into what the ID would be for the particular app you had open.

Edit: It looks like someone else figured out at least a handful of App IDs. And it looks like you just need the one parameter, so you might need to flip the ‘advanced’ toggle on in the Device Command block and remove the second argument:

Thanks, Josh. I did some poking around with the URLs you provided and wasn’t able to find the current app running on my TV. Specifically, Plex. Regardless, thank you for the reply, those tools are interesting.

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