Rules request - If Condition: Sunset/Sunrise

I have an Rules request… The ability to add a Sunset/Sunrise time schedule (with offset) as a If Condition.

Case scenario: When I (event tigger) arrive home, turn on (device) the front porch light but only IF it’s after sunset (time).

Trigger > Flow > if condition > Sunset > then > Action

The sunset/sunrise time schedule is available as a trigger but not as a IF Condition.

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Hi @Michael, welcome to the community. You can use Sunrise/Sunset in the If Condition. (See the video below.) And you should be able to achieve your scenario in Rule Engine based on your description. However, “offset” for Sunrise/Sunset in If Condition is currently not supported, and I’ve noted it to my list. Thanks for the great feedback. :smiley:

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Closed in favor of the following ‘Feature Request’ post: Sunset/Sunrise Offset in IF Condition