Rules Engine: hs-wd200 switches

Hi, I have a bunch of Homeseer switches. They support multi-tapping. Tap up 2 times for one thing, tap down 3 times for another etc. How do I use that to trigger an action? I tried using both “numberOfButtons” > “changed to” and “pressed” > “changed to” but neither seems to work. I’m on Hubitat if that makes a difference. Thanks for your time!

Hi @Rob_Kaufman, welcome to the community. Are you using the generic device handler or a community developed device handler? and if later, can you please post the link to the device handler so I can better understand what attribute it exposes?

One thing you can try first is to check out the current attributes of these lights by going to User page -> tap on “…” next to your Hubitat location, and click on one of these lights in the list to see its device page. In the Attribute Value sections, you may see attributes like switch, pushed and etc. If it has pushed attribute, and the value is a number, I would guess “pushed changes to 2” would be the trigger of the rule. You can create a rule using pushed with whatever value as the trigger so SharpTools will subscribe this attribute. Then you can go double tap the switch and come back to this device page to see what value it shows under pushed attribute.

Thanks James,
I use the community one that has had some … issues with its maintainer. You can find my copy here

Oddly, I think the Sharptools or maybe even Hubitat that’s the issue at this point. If I do the tap in the app things work kind of how you’d expect (tap up is 7 and down is 8, double tap up is 1 and down is 2, but other than that normal and that’s how the switch reports so ¯_(ツ)_/¯)
But tapping the switches themselves is not working. I don’t see anything registered in either the sharptools or hubitat logs for the events. I think ultimately that’s what I need to solve next.

I’ve never upgraded the firmware on these switches (since Homeseer makes you use windows for it which I don’t have) but that may be the next thing to try.

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I think you are on the right track. Will need to verify if the events are generated/logged as expected first when physical switch is tapped.

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