Rules and Hyperlinks

Is there any way to write a rule that IF Ring cam motion is detected Then open Ring hyperlink?

@Terri, are you using Fully Kiosk Browser to host your dashboard? If so, you can follow the steps below to install the SmartThings community developed Fully Kiosk Browser Device Handler and configure the Remote Admin settings.

Once done you can create the rule below to open the Ring app when the motion is detected. The down side is it won’t open the specific camera’s streaming page in the app directly and you will have to tap the specific camera in the app.



If you are using a Fire tablet, you can also enable Alexa and try the trick to use Alexa Routine to show the camera view when motion is detected. See below.

I am using FKB. I managed to add the hyperlink to the dashboard and it works. I also tried using Alexa rules on Fire HD 8 10th gen tablet but it keeps saying it’s not supported. Yet I can open the Ring and Wyze cams in the Alexa app.
I will try adding FKB to SmartThings.

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Hi, a question from a newbie. If I run sharptools on an ipad (no FKB there), how can I trigger a Link tile from the Rule engine?

What I am trying to achieve: when some condition in webcore piston becomes true, I want to automatically launch ios shortcut on one of my devices. So my thinking was:

  1. create simulated switch, set is as ON/OFF by piston
  2. create a Link tile with url: shortcuts://run-shortcut?name=FooBar => When manually clicked, it correctly opens the shortcut.
    Easy so far. But how do I programmatically trigger this tile from the rule engine - when my simulated switch is switched ON?

Or is my thinking completely wrong and there is an easier way how to open iOs app from smartthings?

Many thanks for your time and this superb app. :slight_smile:

Hi @Martin_Sipos can you trigger the iOS Shortcut from notification? I didn’t try it personally but wondering if the Shortcut can be triggered when a message or notification is received. Then you can use Rule Engine to send out the notification when desired.

Hi, @James ,
many thanks for your reply. As far as I know, there is no option to open iOs app or shortcut from notification automatically (without user interaction). I have to manually click on the notification.

When I manualy click the Link tile, everything works fine. Is there any option how to programatically trigger click on that tile? I am total newbie in this, so I am probably wrong in my thinking, but Sharptools is in basically web application, so this should be doable:

  • create some custom tile with running javascript that watches if my Switch tile is on/off
  • if my Switch tile is On, trigger click on the Link tile
    But this is probably not the correct way of doing things in Sharptools, am I right?

Many thanks for your time and patience!

I even tried to create iOS automation based on receiving email as a trigger, but iOS does not support to run automations with such a trigger without user confirmation. So only way for iOS users is somehow trigger a click event on the Link tile, I guess.

Just to let others know:
as far as I searched, there is NO WAY to open app in iOS automatically from other device or automatically by notification. Only way is to use Link tile with url leading to given app in the same iOS device. And since we cannot trigger click on Link tile in Rule engine, we are stuck. Or maybe my googlefu is too weak for this. :slight_smile:

I ended using old android phone: Rule sends email, android app Automate listens for notification from gmail app and opens whatever app I choose.

Anyway, thanks one more time for this awesome Sharptools app! My family enjoys tiles instead of speaking to She that should not be named, so no more sofa-time for me :slight_smile:


@James I can’t seem to select my device (Fire HD), Is this feature no longer available?

Where can’t you select your device? If you were using the Fully Kiosk Groovy Device Type Handler, SmartThings is in the process of shutting down their Groovy platform.

I put together an Edge Driver for Fully Kiosk devices. It was something of a personal side project, but I’ve made it available to SharpTools premium users. I’ll send you a PM with details.