Rule - Wrong Code Notification

Happy New Year,

I am trying to design a Rule for a front door lock.

Trigger: If an incorrect code is entered in the Schlage door lock
Action: send SMS notification “Someone entered an incorrect code on the front door”

Is this possible?



Hi @Charles_Kyle, Happy New Year to you as well. That’s a great idea for rule, but it depends on if the device reports the failed attempt to the hub. Can you share what Schlage lock you have, what hub and what device handler you use, so I can check further for you? Thank you.

Good afternoon,

I have a Schlage BE468/BE469 Lock on a Hubitat Hub. I am using the native handler within Hubitat.

Under Current Status

Current States

  • battery : 89
  • codeChanged : deleted
  • codeLength : 4
  • lastCodeName : unknown codeNumber: 2
  • lock : unlocked
  • lockCodes : {}
  • maxCodes : 30

I played around with entering an incorrect code and then compared it to the above current status. It does not look like anything changes, therefore probably not something that could be done :frowning:

Thanks for the quick response.


Yeah from the available states, it doesn’t look like the DTH reports the invalid code event. :persevere: May be something to be posted in Hubitat forum if there’s another DTH does that.