Responsive Layout?

Since yesterday I am testing Sharptools with my Homey Smarthome.
So far I like it very much. The tiles remember me on Windows 8 mobile - which I also liked.
Unfortunately I cannot find a solution to display the tiles correctly on different devices.
EIther they get mixed up, disordered or they are far too small on mobiles.
I tried Reflowing and Scaleable sizing, I created my dashboards on PC and tablet - nothing helps.
I guess nobody will accept a mess of tiles on the other device he created the dashboard, so it must be my own mistake.
Can someone please explain how to setup a dashboard which displays on both 4k monitors and mobiles nicely?
Thank You for Your time and assistance.

For devices that have vastly different aspect ratios / resolutions, most people create dedicated dashboards for each.

For basic dashboards that are just an arrangement of a large number of 1x1 sized tiles, the legacy Reflowing layout might work. But most people use the Scalable layout and build a dashboard for their computers/tablets and a separate dashboard for mobile phones.

I have two sets of dashboards … one for iPads and one for my Echo Show 15 (I don’t use SharpTools dashboards on a phone). Obviously it creates more maintenance but at least you can copy tiles from one dashboard to another. This is helpful when you’ve added a new tile with a bunch of customizations (styles, icons, etc.). You only need set it up once on one dash then you can copy it to the version(s) for other device(s).

Thank You for quick replies !

I was afraid that I will have to make different Dashboards for different devices.
Are responsive layouts on any whishlist?

When creating different Dashboards how can I make them default for certain devices? e.g Mobile loads dashboard “MOBILE OVERVIEW” , while desktop loads dashboard “SMARTHOME”?

Thank You

I’m not sure what you mean by this. The Reflowing sizing for dashboards is technically responsive. See my example here where the same dashboard works on a regular phone and a square Galaxy Fold through clever placement of certain tile sizes:

You can always create a Feature Request, but please note that it would need much more clarification than just “responsive layouts” along with example use-cases to clarify.

Many community members use the “Add to Homescreen” or “Shortcuts” feature of their browser to add an icon to their homescreen that jumps directly to their desired dashboard.

Some people have a primary “menu” type of dashboard that’s used as the main dashboard that they link to and then have additional “pages” by linking to other dashboards for more details.

Thank You all!
Will try further, and also have a look on “HDashboard”