[Resolved] Temporarily Lost Tiles on Dashboard

This morning, I looked at my tablet and it says “Autorize things” I go into the app, and it says that the hubitat is not connected.

so I go back, authorize everything, make sure all the devices are set, and then I get back to the dash and there is nothing there anymore, but a few placeholders and some links?

Anyway to get everything back? :frowning:

edit: I guess after a few min, everything came back. But how did it get unautorized i guess?

If it happens again, let us know and we can take a closer look with you.

It could happen during a device synchronization. The primary time that this occurs is after authorizing your devices, but it also happens when new event subscriptions are added (eg. dashboard edited or new rule trigger).

PS. We also have an enhancement in beta that reduces how frequently device synchronizations occur on dashboards.