Request: Dashboard Tile with Text Only (No Icon)

I can’t seem to find a way not to display an icon. If there is no current way to do this could we maybe have a blank icon?

I would like to create dashboard shortcuts for navigation with text only…

Thanks for the feedback! Rather than a blank icon, would you prefer the label to become the main content of the dashboard tile?

Hi Josh,

That would work for me so yes please if it isn’t too much trouble!


Hi Josh,

Just wondering if anything happened at all with this or if its in a list to be done.

Thanks in advance…

Hi @Simon_Bendall, text-only tile is in @josh’s list, and we had some internal discussion about the potential use cases and design. There were similar feature requests made by other users recently that you might be interested.

That being said, we will need some time for this, but meanwhile, we are wrapping up some pretty cool new features and enhancements and target to be released soon. Stay tuned. :wink:

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Thanks James, appreciate the response and also appreciate you guys work very hard to try and satisfy everyone’s needs!

I have read the other posts and they are looking for the same thing/very similar which I am wondering might be accomplished really easily if we could just have a ‘transparent’ icon, obviously i say easy but I’m not the one doing the work :wink:

If a transparent icon could be uploaded that would help all 3 of us I think…

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We’re looking at wrapping up the first beta release in the next few days and I expect to include this request in the next beta. If you’re interested in participating, you can find the details on the beta program in the following thread:

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Thanks Josh.

Sent you a message for the beta access.

I’ve just added you and sent you the beta test details. :slight_smile:

Hi @josh ,

Just wondering if this was any closer to making a beta, I’m nearly complete with my automation devices so I’d like to get subscribed and setup my dashboards but need the blank tile or label precedence, I’ve tried doing what i need with CSS but its pretty slow in comparison to how your sites loads the dashboards…


I’ll see if I can get it prioritized for an upcoming beta. Some of the bigger features we worked on recently were higher on the list - hopefully you’ll enjoy those features too though! :grin:

Hi @Simon_Bendall the ability to use the dashboard tile’s label as the main content in the tile was included in the latest update along with a bunch of other great new features and updates!

Fan Tiles, Battery Tiles, Label Tiles, and More!


:+1: - That’s fantastic, thanks Josh, its appreciated.