[RELEASED] Sharing a Dashboard

Thanks! We’re definitely open to the idea. In fact, we built the concept into our data structures thinking that it would be a popular request, but haven’t seen many requests for it. Other features have ended up getting much more community support, so we’ve adapted our priorities accordingly.

That being said, this post is a good first step! :smiley:

Lots of good things coming down the pipe! Thanks for being part of the community! :+1:

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This may be here, but move if needed.

How do I display a dashboard but disable the need for a login?

Examples - bringing it up on webbrower on LG TV (want to be able to trigger seeing it from a button press in Hubitat, have a neeo remote - not sure on how to do display the web browser upon starting the TV yet but currently the login is an issue)

Or just on PC / iPhone login but not needing to enter a password each time as this is time consuming just when wanting to view/check not edit - doesn’t seem to store login’s. Is there a way of embedding them in the URL as you do for camera streams etc.

Thanks for posting! SharpTools.io requires a login to access the dashboards, but it should be long lasting. A common approach where it’s inconvenient to enter a complex email or password is to use the SMS based login.

Logins are long-lived, so once you login on your PC/phone you should stay logged in until you explicitly logout or there is a major change on your account like a password reset or account linking. If you are having to login again on your PC/iPhone each time then something isn’t working as expected. :slight_smile:

That being said, the TV may or may not persist sessions, but I’d first want to sort out what’s causing you to get logged out.

Please put me down as among those users who want the ability to share a dashboard.
I want to be able to create a dashboard for my wife so that she can control the devices in my house, without giving her the ability to change the dashboard.
This is a critical feature.


I’ll add my voice here in favor of having some type of seperate level of access to give to family members. I rather like what Google does when sharing a web document which is to create a complex random link that grants View only access to anyone that has it.

I use the word view to mean that they can’t change the dashboard but they could adjust lights\sockets\thermostats etc.

This approach would grant the ability to share access without the complexity of having to maintain a separate account database or otherwise do any type of user setup.

The account owner would still need some way to change the URL, in effect revoking access to the old URL.


Same here. Would be nice to have this…

Plus one for dashboard sharing capability.

Count me in for dashboard sharing as well! I’d like to share a dashboard to a house-sitter but don’t want to share my password or run the risk of them modifying my dashboards.


I’d like to join the Me Too movement as well.

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+me please!!!

I need it as well, I control the gate to my HOA users and I definitely don’t want the other home owners in my SmartThings connnections

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I was thinking about taking advantage of the current subscription discount but need to share dashboards without sharing the entire account.

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Jumping on the Share Dashboards bandwagon… Maybe a Family Plan?

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A real capability that I am missing is the the lack of users management on SharpTools.

I would really love to enable the dashboards to family members, with specific restrictions, default dashboard and customized capabilities (on extreme cases - to the item’s level).

Bear in mind, that this capability could be used not only by the closest family members (which is very basic and very hard to apply now), but also by other people who I wish to grant them access to some smart-home functionalities I have. Such as letting my mother in law the ability to open the gate and door, or letting the baby-sitter control some lights once she is on duty.

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@Roy_Kfir thanks for the feedback. I hope you don’t mind that I’ve merged your post in with another similar request.

We’ve had quite a bit of interest in dashboard sharing lately, so it has bubbled toward the top of our action list. We’ve started revisiting some of our initial analysis and are working through some of the core design concepts. :smiley:


Cool, thanks and good luck!

I would love to know If there is any suggested implementation to let my wife/kids access the dashboards through their mobiles (Android + iOS).


I like the concept of SharpTools and there are some benefits of it over the native Hubitat Dashboards, but until there is an easy way to share dashboards with other people, it’s not even an option for me. :cry:


Hi everyone! We’re excited to announce the beta release of the Dashboard Sharing feature!

If you’re already part of our beta program, head over to the following link to check out the details:

:tada: https://community.sharptools.io/t/beta-dashboard-sharing/3808?u=josh

If you’re not part of the beta group yet, feel free to PM @support and we would be happy to get you added to the beta program.

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This feature has been released in the following thread:

New Feature: Dashboard Sharing!