Refer to Device From Custom Tile


I have a custom tile that is basically a vertical slider for managing my blinds. Until now I have been making an API call to Hubitat to get the current value of the blind so that I can position the slider correctly on loading the dashboard.
I have now moved to Home Assistant and was just thinking that there is a device for the blind coming through to Sharptools from Home Assistant so is there a way that I can just get the current blind position value from the device that is already in Sharptools rather than having to make an API call to get it?


No, Custom Tiles run in their own sandboxed context so they don’t have access to SharpTools devices or variables.

Super Tiles have access to device and variable data from SharpTools and can be used to build custom layouts… but if I remember correctly, you had built more of a fully custom tile that needed the HTML / JavaScript features of Custom Tiles.

Feel free to create a feature request to be able to access device data from a Custom Tile… and/or you might want to vote on this existing feature request for Access to SharpTools Variables in Custom Tiles.

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