PushBullet rate limit

PushBullet notifications created by SharpTools rules are not firing.

I just tested with a simple rule that’s triggered by an HTTP trigger and the only action is sending a Pushbullet message and it worked fine.

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I just tested it and it is working again. Thanks for checking.

The Logs showed that the Sharptool’s rules were firing as expected, but I was not getting the notifications from PushBullet

Pushbullet notification from SharpTools are not working again. They are working from other platforms such as Tasker.

I see the following in the logs:

Edit: Just updating this thread that Pushover has a limit of 500 messages / month on their API unless you upgrade to Pushbullet Pro which is what seems to have been causing the issues for Paul.

Have you tried reauthorizing Pushbullet to SharpTools?

If that doesn’t help, can you please send a note to support@sharptools.io with an example rule ID that’s having issues?

As with the last time, I’m not able to reproduce:

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