Poll: ToDo / Shopping List Custom Tile


I have an interactive ‘ToDo List’ custom tile that I’m considering making available to the SharpTools community. The tile is database driven, so I would want to build out a login and user interface. That’s where you would create and customize your list but ‘add/check-off’ list items directly in the tile. The list would update in ‘real time’ - That way… if you have it on multiple devices (dashboards) and you make a change, it will reflect across all devices.

Before I get started, I’m curious to know if there is any interest out there.

Example: ToDo, Grocery/Shopping List, Events, Reminder, etc


  • Yes, I would use a ToDo List Tile on my dashboard.
  • No, My dashboards are primarily used for devices.
  • Maybe.

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Love the idea. What about integrating with an existing list app like Todoist or Microsoft To Do? Looks like they both have APIs.

I will use it for a Family To Do list since tablet dashboard its on the seeing of the family (TV room). Also I would love if something like this but to add log records in a database, to check how things what happened in the system, records can be generated in rules when a thing happens.

I would do it if it can integrate with an app on family phones. I imagine typically we would add to the list that way, and use the dashboard primarily for viewing it and checking things off the list.

This is great - I already have like 3-5 use cases for it.