Picked up a used FireHD8

…and to think I spent the last few days trying to figure out how to root and install Lineage on my 7th Gen Fire to do just that. Ha.

Oh well! Figured it out anyhow.

Actually, looks like it still doesn’t work on my 7th Gen Fire HD8 (lock screen option is greyed out and says “not available for Fire OS”), but works on the 2020 version for some reason. Downloaded the newest Fully apk just now as well. Maybe I need a reboot.

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Are you using the Fire specific apk?

Yes, will have a look later though. I simply downloaded the latest and opened it vs deleting the old version then reinstalling. Not sure if I missed something in the process.

I would clear the cache then delete it and reinstall

The newer generation Fire tablets run a newer Fire OS version (which is based on a newer Android version)… perhaps it has something to do with that. :thinking:

Based on the data below, it looks like the 7th generation Fire HD 8 can be upgraded to Fire OS 5.6 as the newest version (based on Android 5) whereas the 8th and 10th generation Fire HD 8 devices can be upgraded to Fire OS 7.3 (based on Android 9).

Fire HD 8 Generations and OS

From the Fire HD Wikipedia entry:

Generation 7th (2017) 8th (2018) 10th (2020)
Model Fire HD 8 Fire HD 8 Fire HD 8
Release date 6/7/2017 10/11/2017 7/12/1905
Release Time Fire OS 5.3.3 5.3.5
Latest Fire OS

Fire OS Versions

From the Fire OS Wikipedia entry:

Fire OS version derived from Android version
3 4.2.2
4 4.4.2
4.5.1 4.4.3
5 5.1
6 7.1.2
7 9 Pie

Maybe, though @Bethel_Lane mentions using it on a Gen 7?

I did try to clear cache this time, then delete, then rebooted, then reinstalled. Same issue, the Unlock Screen thing is greyed out and I can’t select it.

No, I said running on a Fire 7 (not 7th gen) an 8 and a 10
All are running v OS

I guess that must be the issue, with the older OS

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I was looking through the Fully Kiosk documentation today for something else and saw this note:

Starting Fully Kiosk Browser 1.39.1 the Unlock Screen option is available for some Android 7+ based Fire OS devices. But it still doesn’t work 100% with Fire OS as after device reboot you still have to swipe to unlock.

So it seems like ~2018 and newer Fire tablet models (7", 8", and 10"). I had never tried it on my newer Fire devices as it was always a restriction on the older models, so I appreciate you posting! That’s a much needed improvement and sounds like it would make newer model Fire tablets a reasonable choice for areas where you want the screen to go completely off. Otherwise I normally would recommend a regular Android tablet like a Samsung Galaxy Tablet for those type of spaces.

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At least in US, the current gen Fire Tablets are all on sale (at this time of writing) - $40, $65, and $95 respectively for the 7, 8 HD and 10HD

Sorry - it looks like someone already posted that info in a separate thread - still, doesn’t hurt to bring attention. The 7 is a serious bargain at only $40.

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Question… Seems my tablets continuously turn the screen on out of the blue intermittently. Without any motion.

Is there a setting that causes it to wake from sleep due to light or sound by chance?

In Fully’s settings, under Motion Detection, there’s an option for acoustic motion detection (sound) that you may want to check if it’s enabled.

Hmmm…nope, that is off. Oddly it is happening with both my 2020 HD8 and my 2018 HD8. They go off when the light is turned on, and just in general for no apparent reason. Just sitting on the couch and see it going on and off intermittently. Maybe a sensitivity issue? What do folks keep the sensitivity adjustments on?

I see the same sort of thing randomly. Lights coming on definitely trigger it, but the other night ours was coming on randomly in the middle of the night.

I turned off audio detection as suggested and it seems to have helped, but if yours is already off…?

I have ours set to 90, with a frame rate of 5 I think.

What Fully Kiosk version are you running? You might also try upgrading to the latest version and make sure it’s the version downloaded manually from the fully kiosk website specifically for Fire OS.

If I remember correctly, there was a bug at one point with the Fully Kiosk audio detection on Fire OS where it would keep trying to get the permission each time the app opened.

Here is the quote from the Fully Kiosk developer on the topic. Sounds like a slightly different issue, but still might be worth making sure you’re on the latest version:

There is a bug in the newer Fire OS that the granted microphone access permission gets lost sometimes (usually on device reboot). You can deny this permission as workaround. The depending features in Fully Kiosk like Acoustic Motion Detection of course won’t work.

  • Motion Detection using front cam or microphone (PLUS)
    • Get more attention by switching screen on or stopping screensaver on motion
    • Adjustable motion detection sensitivity and sample rate
    • Recognize darkness
    • Acoustic motion detection works even in the dark
    • read more
  • Device Movement Detection (PLUS)
    • Detect device movement by accelerometer, compass sensors or iBeacons
    • Detect movement when unplugged (ver. 1.33+)
    • Switch screen on or stop screensaver on movement
    • Play anti-theft alarm sound

I guess it comes down to Visual (Camera) Audio (Microphone) or Motion (Accelerometer)

Could it be overly sensitive Motion detection?

I know in low light, mine wake from tap on the screen - I’m not sure whether that is audio or accelerometer! :slight_smile:

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Everything is at defaults and upgraded to the latest version.

Literally just wacthed it as it turned off then on multiple times.

Doesn’t seem to be sound or motion or light. Just utter randomness.

Btw, both devices (2018 and 2020 fire HD8s) exhibit the same thing.

If I don’t have the TV on, they won’t turn on and off.

But seems even though I have audio detection off they still go and and off regularly. More so at night when the room is dark (no outside light). I have to think it’s audio since as I mentioned if the TV is off they don’t behave the same, but the fact that it happens more when the room is dark makes me wonder if the light change is in fact triggering the motion detection.

Maybe I will try lowering sensitivity there. Heck I’m fine with having to tap the unit to wake it if possible.

… Updated to the lasted Fully fire OS version as well.

Is there a way to turn on a “tap to wake” option? I.e., turn off motion detection, but have the screen turn on only when tapped?

Bumping the question…