Personalization of push notifications

Is it possible to personalize notifications about the statuses, variables or values of devices?, e.g. for me to get a notification every day that there is xx C temperature on the terrace, the window is closed.

Welcome to the community and thanks for posting, Damian! Yes, you can use variables in your notification content.

If your rule is triggered by a devices value changing, you can use the Context Variable for the event value directly in your notification:

For any manual input field that shows a +VARIABLE button, you can tap that to insert variables into the input field.


That brings up a variable selection window where you can either select between your own custom variables on the first tab or Context Variables on the second tab. Context Variables are unique in that they give you context about the event that triggered the rule to run.


In your case, it sounds like you want the trigger for your rule to be time based (eg. Every day at 16:00).

In that case, you can create a variable for the temperature and a variable for the window status and copy the device state into each variable for use in your notifications. You can do this with Action: Set Variable and use Device Attribute as the source.

(Note that I used a Number variable for the $terraceTemperature and text for the $windowStatus)