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Hello All,

I am looking to see if SharpTools is capable of sending emails/sms with attributes details?

For example, I have hubitat connected with a temperature sensor, and when the temp reaches 75F I want to send an email:

{Device} temperature is {CurrentTemp} reported at {Time}
Does it have this capability?


Hi @David_Pakhnyuk welcome to the community! Sending email/sms/Pushbullet/Pushover notification is supported, but not the dynamic device attribute at this moment. This is one of the use cases of the Variable feature that we have in our list.

Do you need the temperature reading in details or do you care if the temperature reaches some thresholds like 75 and 80? See below for the workaround to get notifications when temp reaches 75 and different sms content when the temp is above 80.

Again, this is not exactly what you were asking for, but I am wondering if this may meet your needs.

Hey James, Thanks for the quick reply… This method can work, but I was hoping for the variable attributes. Something similar to IFTTT…

When will you have the variables available?

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I don’t have an ETA, but our task priority is based on the user feedback we received. So your feedback is definitely important for us to prioritize our work. :grinning:

Picking up this topic again. I’m looking to collect all my battery levels as variables and then send me a weekly report showing the battery levels. I can easily collect them as variables, but how do I include the variables in an email or notification communication?

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