Nest Thermostat: SmartThings Integration?

Does sharptools not support nest therostate? I can’t get smartthings to find it

Thanks for reaching out! SharpTools has support for Thermostats from both SmartThings and Hubitat.

Unfortunately, SmartThings does not have an official Nest Thermostat integration. There are several community developed Nest Thermostat integrations, but from what I understand they all rely on the Nest API which would have required you to register a Nest account before August 31st 2019 and not have migrated to a Google account.

Unfortunately, that means most people won’t be able to integrate their Nest thermostats into SmartThings. Google recently announced that they plan on opening up some new APIs in 2020, so we’ll have to see what comes of that.

I’ve had my nest acount for about 3 years now

Google canceled the Works with Nest API on August 31, 2019. After which, Google encouraged (forced) Nest customers to migrate their Nest accounts to Google Home accounts. If you haven’t signed into your original Nest account recently, you may not have been pushed to migrate. The bummer about Google’s move is that all 3rd party integrations were broken (e.g. SmartThings, Wink, Hubitat,…). So, without support from SmartThings or Hubitat, we are out of luck for SharpTools to be able to support Nest. The SmartThings community forum has a thread discussing SmartThings developers’ attempts to get access from Google to the new API. As of today, no response from Google.


Any updates? I just added Nest Thermostats to SmartThings via their official app.

SmartThings rolled out a Nest integration but it’s only accessible in their app - it’s locked down and not exposed to SharpTools, WebCoRE, etc. :cry:

There’s something called MyNest or MyNext or something like that which is supposed to support Nest devices, but I haven’t tried it.

I could figured it out a way to add Nest thermostat to sharptools.
I just created a new device in smartthing handler as “simulated Thermostat” and named it Nest thermostat. Then in Smartthing app in my phone created an automation using the simulated thermostat (Nest thermostat) to command climate control (this is how actual Nest thermostat appears in smartthing app once you link the account).

The downside of this is that I had to create an automation for every temperature degree that I want to change but at least work.

Tou can also do it via Hubitat using this app / driver: [Beta] Google SDM API - Nest integration