Need to replace Arlo cameras?

I want to replace my Arlo camera system, with something that’s compatible with the dashboard/smart things (if possible) with minimum setup. Any input will be helpful.


easiest set up for sharp tools is a google nest cam with a public view stream.
or you can use a camera like wyze cam and another service to convert the stream to mjpeg. Like tinycam pro or blue iris. I use the tinycam pro, all though with that one you need a device with good processing power to act as the server. James or Josh will have a more clear explanation haha.


Agreed with @Alex_Burrows that Nest cam might require the least setup, but please note that nest cam integration is ‘experimental’ and Google may or may not change/terminate later. :man_shrugging: I personally use Blue Iris, and it does require a bit of setup effort, but it works out for me as it is probably the most sophisticated NVR server s/w. On the other hand, Wyze + TinyCam on a Nvidia shield seems to be a reliable and pretty straightforward setup that you can find tons of YouTube videos how to get Wyze streamed through TinyCam. And it is pretty cost effective if you need to stream a few cameras as well by comparing the total cost to Nest cams. Hope this info helps.


@james & @Alex_Burrows Hmm… that’s a lot to think about. I am definitely wanting to setup a separate dashboard to show all camera’s. I do want to keep the cost down hopefully @josh can chime in.

If the main goal is to keep the cost down, then a device which directly provides a supported image snapshot or stream might be a good approach.

You can find more details on the support types here - generally it means an MJPEG stream or JPEG image snapshots.

Unfortunately, more and more cameras are dropping these local streams in favor of proprietary cloud connected approaches with closed APIs.

That’s probably why we’re seeing more people add an NVR or something similar to their home automation setup in order to translate the stream into a supported format. Like James, I run Blue Iris with a variety of cameras connected (on an $220 HP micro PC I bought on ebay).

TinyCam is a popular alternative to translate camera feeds to a supported format, though as @Alex_Burrows mentioned, you would generally want something with decent processing like an NVIDIA Shield TV to act as your ‘server’.

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