Native Scene support

Hi! I know this has been covered a lot. I have read all the topics on it and the most recent from

I was playing with action tiles and sharp
Tools this week and ultimately chose sharp tools because of how good it looks, variables and rules. You all did a fantastic job. Kudos.

One thing I noticed is AT recently added native scenes support. Curious if that means it’ll be added here sooN? Would be awesome to get rid of all the virtual switches!



@Matt_B, thank you for your kind words. :grinning: You may be interested to check out the scene custom tile in the linked thread below.

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@James thank you! I tried that but it still says “please configure” even after putting in my access token. I might be doing something stupid.

Here is a screenshot (I’ll revoke the token)

So it looks like you’ve modified the setting definition in the developer tools. We’ll want to revert this and then change the setting directly in the tile that you’ve added to your dashboard.

Reset the Custom Tile

  1. Open the Custom Tile editor for your ‘SmartThings Scenes’ tile
  2. Tap the cog in the top-right corner of the editor and select ‘Update from Source’
    (the ‘label’ should reset to ‘Token’)
  3. Scroll down and press UPDATE to save the changes

Edit the Tile Instance

Since you already have a copy of the tile added to your dashboard, you can:

  1. Open the dashboard in edit mode
  2. Tap the ... in the top-right corner of the Scene tile and select Edit
  3. Update the ‘Token’ field with your personal access token and save the changes
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My apologies for originally moving the screenshots to a PM! I missed the part where you said you would revoke the token in the screenshot! I’ve moved the screenshots and my replies back into the main thread. :slight_smile:

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@josh thank you sir it is working well now! Really appreciate it.

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@josh this works great! Is there any way to trigger one of these scenes from a “flow” inside a rule??


As you alluded to in the original post, the most common approach is to use simulated switches to trigger scenes.

You could use the HTTP Action in SharpTools along with the Personal Access Token (like the one from the Scene Custom Tile). It’s probably slightly more efficient from an execution perspective, but I think it’s more complicated and a bit harder to wrap your head around.

I would also note that we have a next-generation integration with SmartThings in development which has native Scene support. We’re still working with SmartThings on ironing a few things out, but pushing hard on the remaining gaps with them as I’d really like to get a beta out. (Rather than use the Personal Access Token approach like is used with the Scene Custom Tile or with ActionTiles, we wanted to do a proper next-generation integration for the whole platform)

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@josh that’s great news, thank you sir! Looking forward to it!