Minor Bugs - Album Art Change Layout and Background Selection Scrolling

2 things I encountered. Could be my computer/browser settings. 1. If I change from the Music Player Title to Album Art Title (premium); save then try to change back to Music Player - The “Pick a New Layout” option doesn’t display the choices.


  1. Dashboard Background Image - unable to scroll up or down on “Editor Picks” without first selecting Bing or Media. Once I select Bing or Media then go back to Editor Picks then I can scroll up or down.

I’m using the latest version of Chrome. I’ll reset my browser cache and try again but just want to bring it to your attention.

Thanks for the feedback, @Robert_Bourne!

I was able to reproduce the first issue with the Layout Picker for the Album Art Tile. We’ll get a fix into beta shortly.

For the second issue with the scrolling of the Editor Picks background images, I wasn’t able to reproduce this one. Can you tell me more about which version of Chrome you are running, on which OS/version, and perhaps what resolution your display is set to? Perhaps one of those factors is playing a role here and will help me reproduce it. :slight_smile:

Seems like it could have been a browser cache issue. Tried again a few minutes ago but it’s now working.

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Just an update that Album Art Tiles now properly display layout options in the Change Layout screen:

Instant Switches! (and Spacer Improvements)