Migration from WebCORE with SmartThings

For what it’s worth I recently finished migrating 112 WebCORE pistons (some fairly complex), I’ve got 243 devices (probably around 20 are obsolete, but I’ll clean that up in time). While I would have loved to do as much as possible with local routines/automations, and the idea of moving to Hubitat was tempting, I landed on using SharpTools. For anything that was too complex or relied on cloud aspects anyway, SharpTools is excellent. Otherwise, I got nearly every piece of lighting automation into a local routine or the new Smart Lighting app (those seem to be the ones that matter most for local execution anyway).

I have had very few DTH devices migrate, even those that are using stock DTH that are listed as migrated… but I’ve re-joined a number of devices or new devices for various reasons and the EDGE drivers I am using are great. I really like the community-developed ones and the feature-rich options they are providing. Additionally, the virtual devices creation drivers (vDEV, Virtual Hub, etc) have been great with creating some nicer options with virtual devices. All-in-all it’s been good, time-consuming, but good (although a few times I had some major frustrations, but I prevailed).

Here’s hoping when my remaining devices do start migrating to EDGE it doesn’t break too much :slight_smile:

Big uplift, but I can see better results already with the new architecture. Just one power user’s experience.


I love reading this. I’m not a power user, but not really basic either. And I’m quite annoyed with the Smartthings facebook group full of people unprepared or don’t have a single clue as to what is happening.

Step by step I moved to Edge whenever available and I switched over my last device a few days ago. I’ve been loving the journey really :grin:


I find the SmartThings community forum to be much better than the Facebook groups :rofl:.

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It’s another world. Facebook groups get me down.

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Nice approach.
FYI webCoRE processes locally on Hubitat :slight_smile: