Make text sharper on Weather image

Hi’ I’m using the widget but the text is not very clear when compared to the rest of the text on sharp tools, is there a better way to get nice crisp text and icons for weather ?


Give this custom widget a try.

Hi Is there anyway to make the text shaper than this ?

Hi @Tony_Hobbs - it looks like you have another post on the same topic, so I hope you don’t mind that I’ve merged them together. :slight_smile:

It looks like you’re using an image from in a Media Tile, right? If so, the Media Tile is going to have to scale things up or down based on the image that’s provided which is what’s resulting in the text not looking crisp.

The Weather Widget Custom Tile Collection linked above is a good option that should have crisp text.

Alternatively, you may be able to setup a weather device in your hub and then authorize that to SharpTools. You can then use the native weather tile that shows up for that device.

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I’m using this in custom tile (not media tile)

You can design your own weather display including animation and live backgrounds. It supports my language (Hebrew)
The only thing I miss is the ability to “fill” the tile as in media tiles and I don’t know how to set the tile update interval (I’m manually refreshing the webpage to update)
@James, @josh please advice

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