LTE Connected. TinyCam Streaming Sharptools Dashboard

Hi friends. Does anybody is accessing their Sharptools Dashboard TinyCam video stream from LTE or other networks ? I just made a “Guardian Dashboard” to display Alarm Status and a couple of cameras streaming (Wyze+TinyCam) in order to use this Sharpool Dashboard in my mobile when I or my wife are out and my daughters alone in the house.


  • Streaming work ok when all is accessed in the same WiFi networks (camera, Android server, and mobiles with dashboards) but when trying to access from outside local network stream is stuck.

  • I know about is required a port forwarding in the router but now beside of the streaming I am the one that is stuck. I do not how to do it properly, after many intents with tips from TinyCam forums etc.

  • The connectivity is:
    Public WEB–>Internet provider router (ZTE)–>TPLink Deco–>WyzeCam.
    I tried to connect Wyze Cam to my new ZTE router to make things easier but I could not (4G). The camera just cannot to read the correspondent QR code when try to link is to the ZTE router, but it connects sharp and quick to TPLink Deco.

  • I think I got forward the port in the TPLink Deco (with Deco App), but I think I also need to forward a port in the main router, so I am lost about it.

My lost cables:

¿Is it enough forward the port in the second TPLink router?
If not, ¿How I set the main router to external access go through the cam?
¿How use the public Deco IP?
¿How do I need to adjust TinyCam Pro to access cam stream from LTE or other network?

I hope I can get some tips here. THANKS IN ADVANCE !.