Light Level percentage

Hi all quick question,

is there any way to re set all lights to 100% level - lets say I have a light that has an Alexa routine to dim the light at a certain time the light always stays at the level.

is there a routine I can set to re set all lights to 100%?

@Tom_Smith, do you mean these lights stay at the dimmed level even after they are switched off and on again? and you want them to be reset to level 100% when switch on again?

Or you simply want them to be reset to 100% at a certain time or based on other condition?

hi thanks for the response,

yeh the first statement you made is what I meant…

I would assume I could create a routine to run at a time to re set the mot 100% but when I tried didn’t do anything lol


Sorry I want them all to return to say 100% aat say 9am

sorry miss understood what you wrote

I am guessing the level reset routine doesn’t work because these devices are smart bulbs and are offline(not powered) when the reset routine was executed? :thinking:

What devices are they?

say what lol…

im just using

Lifx bulbs and some wiz led strips…

Apologies, but I’m not sure I understand what the original request or challenge is?

You could create a rule that sets multiple bulbs/devices to a specific dim level… then either manually run that rule or have it triggered at a certain time.


I think @James is saying that if the power source to the light bulbs is shutoff, then they won’t receive commands. So if the smart bulbs are in a lamp, but the physical switch to the lamp is off, then the bulbs won’t receive commands.

Compare that to having the lamp switch always on and making sure the smart bulbs are always turned off via commands (eg. mobile app or rule or whatever), then the bulbs can still receive commands when they’re still off.

The other challenge is that with most bulbs, when you set the dim level it will also turn the bulb on which may or may not be what you want.

ok, its 100% me, sorry guys…

let me explain again…


I have a lamp…an Alexa Routine turns its on at sunset at 100%…

Then at 11pm another routine dims it 50% until 730am and it switches off

if I look at my dashboard now it still Shows 50%, if I turn it on ( via Alexa or my dashboard) it turns on to 50% so I want to manually turn it on I have to turn it up again

I suppose I could make the alexa routine change it to 100% then turn off

I no im making an absolute mountain out of this -----just thought there might be an option to run a routine and re set all lights to 100 lets say, but when I tried it nothing happened…me again im sure

thanks in advance

ignore me, ive done it…

thanks for trying to help this bumbling fool boys