Life360 Live Map

Thanks just_jake. That would be hugely helpful. I’m aware of Tasker but haven’t used it directly in the past. This change by Life360 is frustrating. They abandoned their Alexa skill last year too. There was a key thing that was awesome with that skill. I was able to create a routine where I could ask Alexa where either of my kids were and Alexa via the Life360 skill would tell me their location. I miss that :-).

They killed the integration for Google as well. I miss asking where is my family.

I use Geofency on iPhone - works very well. FYI - the Life360 connection still seems to run on my Hubitat despite all of the other things working. There is a long thread on this and I can’t figure out why it still works - even after I switched to a new hub, etc.

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UGH - it doesn’t seam that Geofency is supported officially or unofficially for Smarthings. THX!

@josh I wanted to see if we could reboot this integration using the GPS location in a variable? I have this information exposed through a number of ways in Hubitat and Home Assistant. Would it be easy to update this custom tile to specify a variable and then use that to update the location?

This tile is specifically designed for integration via the Life 360 API, but I’ve gone ahead and updated what we formerly called the ‘Hubitat Map Tile’ to take advantage of the new Access to Things in Custom Tiles feature so it can be used with any device in SharpTools which exposes a latitude and longitude attribute:

:world_map: Geolocation Map Tile (Latitude/Longitude)


Hey there. I figured I’d check in with you on this :grinning:. How’s it going with the custom tile that you’re building? I’m very curious as I relied on that Life360 integration.

Yes, I’m be procrastinating on this project a bit. I have the map section done, I just need to finish the SharpTools integration.

Thanks. I’m happy to be a beta tester for you :slight_smile: