[Legacy Groovy] Cannot add Meross garage door opener from ST

You should be able to add it to SharpTools through the SmartThings app.
Note: It will not show up under ‘Manage Connection’ (Account Settings) in SharpTools

Open SharpTools (SmartApp) in SmartThings (Automations) > click Next > under ‘Which refreshable devices’ > select your device > click Done

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MyQ is no longer working, I’m sure people here have heard… So I’m considering picking up a Meross opener. I know this is an old thread, but I’m curious if anyone has this working with SharpTools natively. Thanks!

This was from when SmartThings still had Groovy and you had to explicitly authorize a device based on its reported capabilities. Now you authorize your location and all the devices within it, so the original concern from this thread doesn’t apply anymore.

Thanks Josh! I always appreciate your help.

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