Laundry Status Displayed on Tiles


I am looking for a way to show the status of of my washer and dryer on a SharpTools tile. I accomplished getting Echo announcements through EchoSpeaks and WebCore integration Using wattage monitoring on two smart plugs. Now I am looking for a way to show something along the lines “Dryer Running/Dryer Finished” or “Washing Machine Running/Washing Machine Finished” on the dashboard. Thanks for any help in advance!


Welcome to the community, Chris! Hero Attribute tiles are capable of displaying any attribute from a device, so as long as the data is reported in an attribute somewhere, you should be good to go.

For example, SmartThings has an official Dryer Operating State capability which has a dryerJobState attribute with values like drying, cooling, finished, etc.

Note: Any virtual device would work here. So if you prefer a Virtual Switch (on, off) or a Virtual Acceleration Sensor (active, inactive) you could certainly use those.

So you could create a virtual Dryer Operating State device and then change it’s dryerJobState in your WebCoRE piston. Then you could display that in a SharpTools tile.

Alternatively, if you don’t want to have extra virtual devices, you can display data from WebCoRE by following the steps in the following post:


Thank you for such a detailed response, and I will definitely pursue the steps laid out. I am curious if this might someday be included in the SharpTools Rules engine. I think this would be a powerful tool that would separate you from your competitor. Also I wanted to say I have been very impressed with SharpTools so far and love the ability to drag and drop tiles to organize each dashboard.

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Yes, we have plans to offer even tighter integration between the Rule Engine and Dashboards going forward.

@James this is probably another good use case for variables. :smiley:


Putting this into use. Great instruction and great support. This was easy to implement and include in my already written washer and dryer WebCore pistons.


Hi @Chris_Akins, just wanted to let you know we have rolled out the Variables support for both Dashboard and Rule Engine today. You can create rules in Rule Engine to execute the laundry activities, and set whatever status to a Text variable in the execution process, or in the end of the process, and display this variable tile in the dashboard to allow you the quick view of the laundry status. You can also set the variable tile’s tap action to execute a rule if you want. :grinning:

See the post below for more details and let me know if you have any questions.

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