Large JSON warning with HE

Was just adding some virtual switches with Hubitat and when I updated SharpTools I see the following warning message back on HE log file:

Summary: The warning is nothing to be worried about. :slight_smile:

The “Large JSON response” warning is an indicator that the response size is getting near the limits of the Hubitat Cloud Relay when trying to sync over devices. It’s usually nothing to be concerned about as the system will automatically retry syncing a smaller batch of devices if a batch fails.

The system will automatically retry down to a batch size of 1; eg. syncing an individual device. If it fails to sync the individual device after 3 tries, it will skip that device. This usually only occurs with custom device handlers that are either storing too much data or have some implementation quirks. This results in that device being missing from SharpTools - if you ever run into that case feel free to reach out to :smiley:

Thanks Josh! Does the size of the cloud relay start to affect performance? I just select every device from HE hub. I’m approaching probably about 250 things synced with Sharptools and I know I am only using a fraction of them in dashboards.

No, it shouldn’t impact the day-to-day use of SharpTools. The logs in your screenshot are from the initial device synchronization that occurs after you authorize devices. After that, it’s all based on individual device events being pushed from the Hub to SharpTools.

That being said, when you first open up, it pulls down your list of devices (from SharpTools). The impact of having more devices authorized is probably fairly negligible in the grand scheme of things, but if you aren’t using those devices then you could deauthorize them if you’d like.

yea, I am working with a problem having my HE slow down pretty bad after some time, and requiring a reboot every day. I am getting that same message and was worried.

I actually have both my HE hubs reboot at 3:30AM each night. Seems to have helped with hub slowdowns. I did go and de authorize a bunch of stuff that I don’t actually need for SharpTools and IFTTT and the JSON error has gone away…

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yea, mine reboots at 4 also… but still having some issues, and I have a control panel running Sharptools 24/7 so i was worried that was an issue.