Label Tile: Making it functional too


First post here, but have been actively using the community for almost everything I need to know to make my dashboard the way I want to use it. Recently I created a “All Lights” Dashboard that has all my smart lights and plugs on it. This allows me to click to a new dashboard and see what is currently on or off at a quick glance.

What I did was created a label over each room to know where each light is located. This got me to think…why not use the label tile as a complete on/off switch for all the switched in that room. So if I wanted to turn individual lights on/off I can, but if I wanted to turn everything on/off with a single tap, I can do it with the label.

I know, I can create virtual switch that can drive this action with rules, but I don’t want an icon on this label. I like the clean look of just the label there and nothing else. I did a search, but could not find anything to tell me how I can complete this. So if someone knows how to do what I want to do, or if this maybe a new feature added to Sharp Tools, please let me know.


How about create a Text Variable and use it as the label tile to display the area, and configure the tap action to open hyperlink with the special $.runRule syntax to execute the rule to turn all lights on or off based on the condition you need?

Note the id in the $.runRule(RULE_ID_HERE) can be found in the URL when you edit the rule in rule editor.

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Thank you James for the reply. Not sure how to accomplish this. I don’t even know how to use the variable part of Sharp Tools. I may need to do some searching on here to determine how to do what you described.

@Stephen_Hebert, you can find more about Variables in the following KB article and community post and feel free to let us know if you need any help. :wink:

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