Keeping Same Layout for Different screens sizes

I only started using Sharptools recently, and there is one issues which I just can’t fix. Using the web browser on my computer to create different dashboards. Which works excellent, however when I open the same dashboard on different Android tablets, the layout is completely screwed up. Which makes it difficult to create dashboards, since you don’t know how it will look on different tablets.
Is there a way in the configuration to ensure the layout remains the same? Either 10.5" or 9.8" screens tablets, so I can see how it looks when modifying it.


Hi @Wolfgang_Schobel welcome to the community. Since the dashboard tiles are like grid system so the tiles may flow when shown on different sizes of display.
You can reference to the post below for using your browser’s developer tool to mimic the tablet/phone resolution when editing the dashboard on your desktop.

Or you can have your tablet next to you when you edit the dashboard. The updates to the dashboard will be synced to all your devices immediately when you save the changes. So you know how it looks on the particular tablet.

What if there were Line Termination Tiles? This way no matter the size of the browser, the rest of the layout would line up since the termination tile would stop line wraps.

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I have also had this issue. I am mostly focused on a dashboad for my phone rather than tablet or PC, but it would be nice if one could simply open the phone layout on other devices. Basically try to declare to Sharptools that you are a specific device.

But designin your layout for your mobile is easier by using Chrome and the developer tools. Then you can set the screen size and use the better interface of the PC to do your dashboard: Chrome DevTools - Chrome for Developers


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We’ve introduced Scalable Dashboards which should address some of the concerns and requests in this thread. :slight_smile: