Just finished Edge Migration - Tips

I have 70 devices.
Half are GE Z-Wave Light
Several GE Z-Wave Outlets
Several GE Z-Wave Fan Controllers
I have a few Levitron Outlets
Schlage Z-Wave Locks
Ecolink Door Sensors

You really need to get the Smartthings Command Line Tool.

A few commands:
smartthings devices (list all devices)
smartthings edge:drivers:installed (list all installed drivers)

And the most important:
smartthings edge:drivers:switch (allows you to switch drivers)

smartthings devices ===GUID of device=== -y (full report of device)

I found some scenarios where I could no longer connect to my device, but using the CLI I could still manipulate the device and change drivers. This came in handy when several devices of the same type worked, but some did not. I would query the exact driver of the working device (using -y) and then switch the driver to a working one.

There is also a online driver switcher: