Is there an easy way to find what's triggering a device to switch on?

I have a couple of lights which are switching on at random times. Think bedroom just as I’m dropping off.

Is there any way to determine what’s triggering a switch? I’ve searched through my rules and there isn’t anything there other than switch on via motion sensor between certain times and a dashboard variable.

These are new switches so no rules or routines anywhere else.

I should add, I’m using Smart Things and only see basic info in the live logging.

Thanks in advance.

You may want to add an email notification in the rules where these lights can be turned on. So you can narrow down or excluded these rules by checking the email next time when they are turned on again unexpectedly.

You talking about Live Logging in the SmartThings IDE? You would have to be watching when it happens, but if it’s from SharpTools or WebCoRE you would see it in the logs. I don’t think the new automations built in the SmartThings mobile app show in there though.

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Thanks both. Great suggestion @James.

@Chris_C My bad. I wasn’t looking at Live Logging at all. I was looking at Events for specific devices in the IDE.

I’m suspecting some mischievousness within the household and while I normally take a joke well, that doesn’t necessarily apply at 12.30am :smiley: