Intermittent device status

Think we should have a general Smartthings/Sharptools error/misshap topic :sweat_smile:

Yesterday I experienced the following:
I have a variable to combine all the door’s statusses, for my gates as well.
Yesterday the garage door was open, the variable said the back door was open, when looking at Smartthings app, the garage door was indeed open, I went to close it, then it said the back door was open. Looked at Smartthings, it was closed, back to Sharptools, now the back door was closed again. I finally got the garage door to say closed, the back door went open again, untill I checked the Smartthings app, which said it was closed.

In short, statusses were very intermittent and seemed to update only when opening the Smartthings app. I thought the garage door, which was very reliable since May, had a lower battery and didn’t report it. So changed them, but the issue remained. The indicator blinks, but it doesn’t show in Smartthings. All other devices around it work perfectly. Then the back door started to do the same. Very weird…

I just re-wrote a whole bunch of rules for a new presence sensor and now my favourite automations fail because of a door sensor… Just wanted to vent I guess :rofl:

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I’ve noticed some slow state updates in Smartthings since they started the device migrations. Some of my devices on beta drivers even seem to queue up commands sometimes and then execute them all at once real fast. I wonder if the same thing is happening with states going the other direction.

Have you noticed any of those devices switching over to drivers? I wonder if thats causing any weirdness

Nope, these are still on Groovy.

Another weird thing I never saw before just happened. I tapped the door sensor in the Smartthings app, and it said: downloading 1%. It creeped up, then went fast to 100 and then opened. Never seen that before.

Im having a similar issue and was curious if there was an action I could build in a rule to poll device status as a backup for when a routine in ST fails to start upon device status change. Back in the groovy days, I used the Pollster SmartApp for this and was hoping to replicate it in some form in SharpTools.