Initial setup of away mode

what is the easiest way to setup an away mode? I want to turn it on when i leave. have it run specific commands, or would be NICE if I could disable/enable specific rules, then be able to turn off back to normal. I have been looking around and testing but I dont know what is best way. I use smartthings hub and sharptools. I am even confused as if I need to create the mode in smartthings or sharptools. any guidance would be appreciated or links to articles for noobs.

There two distinct modes in SmartThings, the Security Mode (sometimes called the Home Monitor Mode) and the Location mode.

The Security Mode (aka Home Monitor) is the one tied to your motion, smoke and leak sensors. It has three conditions Armed Away, Armed Stay and Disarmed. These three conditions are hard coded and you cannot add to them.

Separately, there is the Location mode. You can create additional modes with names to suit. These can be used in automations without regard to the Security mode.

So first determine if you want to use one or both of these. Once you know that, you can write automations to suit. You can write them in the SharpTools rule engine, but I’ve written mine using SmartThings Routines.

The other thing to determine is if you want to be able to turn the Home Monitor mode from a dashboard. If you do then you’ll need to create virtual switches to use on the dashboard.

I manipulate both modes based on my presence. That takes several routines that perform the following:

Armed Away on Departure - Change the Security Mode based on presence and send notification

Armed Away Run Scene - I have two, one for day, one for night. The scene does whatever you want to happen when you leave.

Armed Away Security Mode Virtual Status - I have two virtual switches for Armed Away and Stay for use on a dashboard. This one turns them on and off and also changes my location mode, which I use for other things.

Armed Away Virtual, On - This one sets the Security mode to Armed Away when the virtual switch on the dashboard is turned on, giving the ability to Arm and Disarm from a dashboard on a tablet or cell phone.

Once you have these in place, add and identical set for the Disarm functionality.

A bit complicated . . but it works well. Hopefully this will get you started.