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I was wondering when it comes to iFrames what do most people use as their host? do you just run it local on your home network, or do you host the page online? Also is there any plan to eventually allow for iframe tiles directly in a dashboard?

Hey @Jesse_Cohen welcome to the community and thanks for posting.

I’ve seen other community members hosting iframe ‘wrapper’ pages on devices on the network (eg. a NAS or Raspberry Pi), but I’ll leave it open to the community for their feedback.

There is a feature request for iframes that has been gaining some traction - you can cast a vote for it here:

:link: Embed Web page from 3rd-party site into dashboard (iframe or otherwise)

If you have a particular use case for having iframes within a dashboard, please feel free to share them in the thread linked above. :smiley:

Thanks Josh, that’s what I figured. No reason not to host it locally. I did vote for that feature, what threshold does it need to become a thing? I’ll post more in that thread, but my immediate thoughts are to have tiles that can show things like ring camera feeds, directly in the dashboard. The other thing that came to mind was a better Google calendar integration where it has all my linked calendars and just has it embedded.

There’s not a specific threshold, but things that are most highly requested and voted on by the community tend to get prioritized.

Thanks for the examples! I’d be interested in better understanding the use-case around calendars. We have a built-in calendar integration that works with Google Calendar and you can aggregate multiple calendars together, so just wondering if there might be some things you feel are missing from that integration. :slight_smile:

It could just be im using it wrong, but I have tried to add a google calendar using the ical format. My calendar consists of my personal calendar, my work, my wifes, and more all mixed together to show on a single view. Since I am not the “owner” of all of them, they do not all have iCal options. I also could not figure out how to get a link for all of them together as the iCal for my main calendar only shows that one. The iframe just seemed like I could link to the view I see and be done with it.

There is a very nice “iframe” view with all calendars that you can make looks exactly how you want. why reinvent the wheel and just let users integrate this as a tile.

Thanks for the examples and the details. It sounds like in Google Calendar you’ve got multiple calendars displayed alongside your primary calendar. As you noted, Google’s calendar export will only include the content of your primary calendar so you would need to create calendar resources in SharpTools for each of the other calendars you want to display.

When you add the calendar to your dashboard, you can edit the Calendar Tile and in the Additional Options section, you’ll see a section for Calendars to Display. If you expand this option, you can check the boxes next to all the calendars you’d like to display on a single calendar tile.


I can certainly understand wanting the flexibility and choice, so I appreciate the example!

From what we’ve heard, people like the built-in calendar tile for a variety of reasons. One of those being it provides a clean look for the calendar that fits in along with the design of the rest of their dashboard and they like being able to merge calendars from a variety of sources into a single tile (eg. Google, Microsoft, Facebook). One of the neat things about it being a native tile is as you change the Themes/Styles in your dashboard those changes are automatically applied to your calendar as well. :slight_smile:

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Thanks Josh,

I figured out my issue. I use a google “family share” calendar and apparently there is no ical support for it… pretty big google fail.

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