Hubitat Elevation Support!


We are excited to announce support for Hubitat Elevation - the home automation platform that focuses on fast, reliable, local execution using the Hubitat Elevation Hub!

Important: You must upgrade to firmware 1.1.3 or newer on your Hubitat Hub in order to take advantage of this integration.

This release includes support for Hubitat via the web dashboard and Rule Engine and includes the ability to:

  • View and control your devices
  • React to device changes and build rule conditions on device state
  • Change modes and react to mode change events
  • Arm/Disarm Hubitat Safety Monitor and react to HSM events
  • Build rule conditions based on mode or HSM state

NOTE: We’ve had a few reports of people having trouble with their authorizations ‘sticking’ which may be related to parent-child devices. If you have any parent-child devices and are having trouble authorizing your devices, try authorizing just a single simple on/off switch first and then add more devices from there.

Integrate Hubitat into your dashboards:

Integrate Hubitat into your Rule Engine automations:

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can I use this alongside other home automation platforms that are integrated with SharpTools?

A: Yes! You can mix and match devices, triggers, and conditions from any supported platform. This is great for having a single holistic view of your home from your dashboard… as well as the ability to have devices from one platform interact with devices from another platform using the Rule Engine.

Q. Do I have to open ports on my router?

A: Nope! The integration takes advantage of the Hubitat cloud relay which securely provides access to your Hubitat Hub.

Q. Is the SharpTools Mobile App supported?

A: Currently, only features supported via the web platform are supported. We have plans to rewrite the mobile app to take advantage of all the recent features of the platform, but in the mean-time, you can use the Rule Engine to integrate between various platforms and your mobile device. (more details)

Q. Does the dashboard support XYZ device in Hubitat?

A: Our goal is to support a wide variety of devices across a wide variety of platforms. The release has been tested with a variety of devices including lights, thermostats, motion sensors, and more! If you find a device that isn’t supported or isn’t working as expected, please let us know!

Q. Where can I find more information about Hubitat Elevation?

A: You can find lots of information about Hubitat Elevation on the Hubitat website and the Hubitat Community!

Q. Where can I get support for this integration?

A: Feel free to post a topic here on our community site or send a message to and we would be happy to help!

Hubitat support?

We pushed out an update tonight based on the feedback received so far - thanks for sharing your suggestions!

  • You can now change your device selections from the SharpTools App in the Hubitat administration UI and it will sync the changes over to SharpTools automatically
    • Note that you can still use Manage Connections on if you prefer that as it’s the same list of device selections :slight_smile:
    • (Same concept applies for SmartThings users who might change their device selections in the SmartThings mobile app)
  • Updates to the weather tile based on feedback:
    • The various attributes will display even if they are a numeric 0 (eg. 0% chance of precipitation).
    • The units for wind tries to fall back to getting the units from the device… it looks like the units aren’t being sent over properly from Hubitat so I’ll look into that.
  • Things in the ‘Add Item’ list are sorted by name
  • The thing tile renders as a Switch if a Thing implements both Switch and Button capabilities.
  • Dimmer support for Hubitat

You can also find some good discussion on the integration over on the Hubitat community:

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