HTTP Get Failure with Tasker

I keep trying to create a SharpTools rule with an HTTP trigger. I copy the URL into my Tasker task, but I keep getting errors. See image below. My other HTTP tasks work fine. What am I doing wrong with the one? If rule ID is needed, let me know. Thanks.

The red part of the text shows the error being returned. It’s saying the HTTP Trigger key is invalid.

I would try double-checking that the full HTTP Trigger URL was copied and pasted in correctly. Or delete the HTTP Trigger and re-add it to your rule, then copy the trigger URL of the newly added trigger into your Tasker action.

Well, I’m using the copy button in the HTTP trigger, and I’ve tried new triggers a few times, but I’ll recreate the trigger again and retry. Thanks.

Ok, the fourth fifth or sixth time is the charm. It ran without an error this time. I now need to look at my logic because it shouldn’t have turned on my lights before 1130 pm… Thanks.