HTTP Get Failed - every so often - but seems to work directly

I am automating my dashboards through Hubitat and Homeseer. In the case of Homeseer, I am often putting event calls in through http commands to an externally visible web address for my homeseer server.

Every so often, the dashboard will start throwing HTTP Get Failed red banners. This seems to be the case across all dashboards, irrespective of the device.

I am able to put the command into a browser and it works fine. I appreciate that this is not exactly the same.

Usually this issue resolves itself. For example it is failing as I write this. But I wondered if there is anything I could do to diagnose this?

Here is an example of the call I am making.

$.get(“http://USER:PASSWORD@DOMAIN:PORT/JSON?request=runevent&id=3931”, {“proxy”: true})



I have the same issue with IFTTR URL. Is it a global problem ?



Can you give it a try again now?

I just tried it now. Working fine. Sounds like you might have some inkling as to what is happening here? Thanks.

There was a network change made early this afternoon that we rolled back.

As to why it would happen to you other times, there could be a number of factors at play and there’s not any user-facing tools for the proxy flag beyond what your browser developer tools would show. That being said, the only time you should really need the proxy flag is if the server you are calling has strict CORS limitations (like IFTTT). If your server allows calls from other websites, you could drop the proxy flag.

Alternatively, you could create a SharpTools Rule with an HTTP Trigger which has an HTTP Action to call your endpoint. You could then store the response status and error message from the HTTP Action, accessed from context variables, into another variable. That has the added benefit of logging the response status and error to the rule logs for historical review.

In this example, the server I was calling started responding with a 404 as the endpoint I was calling was only valid for a short period of time before it was deleted.

Thanks - I will keep an eye on it and it it happens again then I will experiment more.

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