How to limit sms notifications after the initial one

I’m working on a rule to send a sms notification based on power usage. The rule is set with a trigger of the power changing and greater than 100. When the trigger happens the smart plug reports every change in the power usage up until the time the usage stops resulting in multiple notifications each time the power changes.

Is there a way to only have the rule send the 1st notification and ignore the subsequent changes? Something like a timer with a 15 delay would solve the problem.

@Scunny, since you have stepped into the variables realm in another thread, you might want to use the custom “TRUE/FALSE” variable in this case.

  1. Create a True/False variable

  2. Create a rule to be triggered when the power is greater than 100 as the trigger. Add an IF condition in the flow to check if the variable created created in previous step to determine if it should continue to send the message. And toggle the variable if so.

  3. Create another rule to be triggered by this variable. Once triggered, wait 15 minutes, and toggle the value back.

So this variable will act as the gate keeper to determine if it should send the message, and will be reset every 15 minutes as desired.


Thanks, I’ll give this a shot.

James, that worked perfect and opened up a new realm of rule customization for me.

Thanks, you guys rock!

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