How to have correct Hubitat Tile status displayed


New to SharpTools to use with Hubitat. Is there any way to have the tiles display the correct status? Certainly if I only turn lights on and off within Sharptools the status is correct, but I have many lights that are controlled by rules on Hubitat. My intent with Sharptools is to remotely control and run rules on an iPad.


@Greg_Cole what kind of lights do you have connected with Hubitat and is their status correct in the Hubitat Admin UI?

Note that older Z-Wave switches will require that the Z-Wave Polling app is installed with Hubitat (and polling enabled on those devices) in order for Hubitat to know the device status.


So far it has been Hue lights only


Can you check the devices’ subscription status in User page -> click on “…” next to your hub under Authorized Locations -> then click on each light. You should see something like the screenshot below.


You can see this shows the attribute as active and in this case says it is on, but it is not on


Interesting. Can you take screenshots of the Hubitat logs in your hub’s admin page when you change the the same light status from SharpTools and Hubitat rule, and send them to So I can look into the details. Meanwhile, is it always out of sync if you change the light’s status from Hubitat rule or only occasionally?


Will send later this week when I’m back local with my HE. Just started playing around so I don’t have any experience if it is random.


As mentioned by @josh, please also verify if it shows correct state in your local Hubitat device page first.


Been having same issue. HE device page is correct but sharptools is not. Happens on switches, sengled bulbs, modes. Just about everything at 1 time or another. Getting to the point that I can’t trust the display.


@Jim_White, sorry to hear that you have experienced the same issue. :frowning:
Can you please take a screenshot of the HE device page, and open a ticket by sending the screenshot to when you notice the issue again? I’d be very interested to investigate into this. Thank you.


Back home now. The issue is on the HE side. Looks like the polling update for the Hue hub is not working correctly. If you go into the Hue hub device and do a manual refresh then all the Hue lights reflect correctly in both HE and SharpTools.

For others following, I’ll update once HE fix is determined.