How to export HE Global Vars to Sharptools?

@Michael_Horton, well this question came in just at the right time. :grinning: We just rolled out the rule HTTP Trigger feature this morning, and this would make it easer to pass Hubitat variables to SharpTools variables, which can be displayed in the dashboard(s) then.

Step 1: Create a rule in SharpTools to set variable based on the value passed in

  • Create a variable in SharpTools using the same type as your Hubitat variable (ex: String)
  • Create a rule in SharpTools using HTTP Trigger, and add a “value” parameter
  • In the rule flow, set the newly created variable using the Context Variable → Event → HTTP Event → Parameters → value (the parameter name you added from previous step)
  • Copy the Trigger URL and save the rule

Step 2: Create a rule in Hubitat to send HTTP request with the HE variable value to the SharpTools rule created in Step 1

  • Create a rule in Rule Machine, and to be triggered when the desired variable is changed
  • Add the “Send HTTP Request” action using the Trigger URL from the step 1, and add the ?value=%your_variable_name% in the end of URL so it will pass the desired variable value via the HTTP request.

Now whenever this HE variable is changed it will be synced to the SharpTools variable as well. More details and instructions about this Rule HTTP Trigger can be found in the help article below.

James - You are a scholar and a gentleman!!!

Got it working Thanks.

Cheeky question…

Anyway to change the font size ? I have given three tiles width and it sits tiny in the middle of them… I cannot find anything to tweak the text size.

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What type of SharpTools variable are you using? If it’s a Text variable, you can adjust the size in the tile settings:


If it’s a numeric variable, you would likely have to use Custom CSS. There’s a community maintained wiki with some snippets here:

:link: [WIKI] Custom CSS snippets, verified on SharpTools

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The variable type is a Number from HE but might as well import as TEXT as all the manipulation has to be done in HE anyway.

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