How to check if a light has power on?

Hi people !..I would like to check if a light is connected to power, not about if it is on, but if its wall dumb switch is on ?
I had tried with all available attributes but no one seems to work for it …

Thanks !

@Carlos_Juarez, unfortunately I am not aware of a way to check the light/switch if it is powered. What is the automation goal?

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thanks james !..a Push Over warning message like “Its the night and an outdoor light switch is off …Claudia has switched it off again … :frowning_face:

The issue is even switch could be off light status is displayed as “ON” … :thinking:

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I have a similar issue going on in my home from my wife. It would be helpful to check for power to run rule. Otherwise our rule is running and the power to that light is not on.

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Yes, a smart switch could solve it but in the mid time…