How does PIN security work?

I have set the PIN feature on for my main dashboard and for individual tiles but it doesn’t seem to “protect” any use of the Tile. I was expecting that once the PIN attribute was turned on that I would have to enter the PIN to use that Tile.

Am sure I have missed something in the config so any help appreciated

Can you clarify what you mean by it doesn’t protect any use of the tile and how you are enabling the PIN attribute?

For PIN protection to work, first make sure you’ve edited the Dashboard Settings and set a PIN:

  1. Open your Desired Dashboard
  2. Tap the ... menu in the bottom-right corner and tap Configuration
  3. Ensure that the pin has been set under Security > Set Dashboard PIN
    Note: When setting a PIN, you will be prompted for the PIN twice to confirm the PIN

At this point, you would have a PIN set, but nothing is being PIN protected. You can either enable PIN protection for all tiles from the Dashboard Settings or enable PIN protection for each individual tile.

To enable dashboard protection for all tiles:

  1. Open your desired dashboard
  2. Tap the ... menu in the bottom-right corner and tap Configuration
  3. Ensure the Security > PIN protect all tiles option is turned on
  4. Make sure to Save the Dashboard Settings

Note: If you have modified the ‘Security’ option for any of the individual tiles, the individual tile settings will override the dashboard level settings. This lets you quickly enable pin protection at the dashboard level to apply to all tiles by default, but then set exclusions on a per tile basis.

If you only want to apply PIN protection to individual tiles, you can use the ‘Security’ option in the Tile Editor of an individual tile.

  1. Open your desired Dashboard
  2. Tap the ... menu in the bottom-right corner and tap Edit to put the dashboard into edit mode
  3. Tap the ... menu in the top-right corner of the individual tile you’d like to edit and tap Edit
  4. Check the box next to Security
  5. Select your desired Tile Security option from the drop-down: PIN Protected
  6. Tap Save on the Tile Editor
  7. Tap the orange save icon in the bottom-right corner of the dashboard
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Thank Josh - got it working.
Is there anyway of protecting the “navigation” tiles ? I would like to have a few panels that can only be accessed using a PIN

We left the PIN protection off of navigation and hyperlink tiles as we didn’t want to give the false impression that these were protecting the resource that is linked to.

If you are logged in on your account and the url to the other dashboard is known, you could manually navigate to that dashboard.

How are the main dashboard and linked dashboards being used?

Hi @josh. I’m hitting this issue as well. I’m using fully kiosk and I need to control access to a settings dashboard which has a link tile on it. The tablet is locked down so it’s not possible to directly enter the URL, if I was able to pin protect the navigation or pin protect the link button I’d be sorted but when it’s not possible to do either it is a bit of an issue. Could you add the ability to secure one or both of these tile types and maybe just show the user a warning to explain the resource isn’t itself secured, just the tile?

Thanks @xap - I’ve added it to the list. I’ll need to think through the implications of this though… for example, if dashboard wide security settings would apply to Dashboard and Hyperlink tiles.

My initial thought is that if a dashboard has a dashboard level security setting applied, the security setting should not be applied to Dashboard and Hyperlink tiles. I would think that most people use these tiles as a means to navigate between dashboards, apps, websites, etc and they should remain usable even with a dashboard security setting enabled.

That would keep the existing experience the same, would be a reasonable default, and you could still individually set security on a Dashboard or Hyperlink tile.


One tradeoff to this approach is it’s confusing that a ‘PIN protect all tiles’ setting doesn’t apply to all tiles, so I’ll have to think that through :thinking:

On my first dashboard, I was needing the same thing. I want a kiosk available in a hallway but need my HOME page, that just has links to other dashboards, to have a password to limit users from accessing anything at first, then have a 2nd level on certain links, that would have another pin to access them.
So certain people can enter pin to access LIGHTS, but others can click on AC link and ACCESS air conditioning controls.

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