How do i get rules to glow?

First post so please be kind. I have searched and was not able to find anything.
i am trying to show the state of my fan at a glance. Not like i couldnt feel it or see how fast it was spinning.

I currently have rules set up as buttons for High, Med, Low. none of which change color or glow when active.

I am using Samsung Smarthings v3 hub
Tab is Lenovo Tab 4 10.1

Switch is a GE Z wave switch.

Hi Justin,
Yes, since rule tile is more for executing the pre-defined rule, it doesn’t show the status of the device. It can be complicated to for the rule tile to decide its status if there are multiple devices added in the rule flow. If you had the fan switch added as an tile, it will glow based on the on/off status, but not based on the speed.

However, this can be a good use case for the rule variable feature that we are working o. Ex: in your rules, set a variable to different values when changing the speed, and have the tile change its background/glow color based on this variable’s specific value. I will add this tile interaction idea into the design, and please feel free to comment if you have any suggestions. Thank you.

Is there a way to change the fan speed from the tile set up as a switch? Or is the best way to set up a rule for each speed? High med low.

Most fans report back Switch and Switch Level capabilities which means they’ll show up as the dimmable tile by default.

On the dimmable tile, the default action upon tapping is to turn on/off and if you tap the percentage in the bottom right, it will bring up a screen that allows you to set the level.

Here’s an example showing the ability to set the level in action (it’s from another one of my posts, so the context isn’t perfect, but it shows how it works):

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That’s perfect thank you

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