Honeywell wifi thermostat

I have 2 Hoeywell wifi thermostats

In Smart things they show up and are fully functional

In Sharptools they can only be added as sensor and not as a thermostat.

Any ideas?


Hi @John_Sheedy, welcome to the community and sorry to hear that the thermostat was displayed as a temperature sensor, instead of the thermostat, for you. It seems a couple of the thermostat integrations, including Ecobee, has dropped the Thermostat capability in SmartThings. Can you please try to add your thermostat by following steps below?

  1. In SmartThings mobile app, go to Automation tab, scroll down and find SharpTools smartapp, and tap it.

  2. In the device authorization page, scroll down to the bottom, and tap Next

  3. Tap Which refreshable devices and select your Honeywell thermostat device and then tap Done.

  4. Go to your SharpTools dashboard, and add this device again to the dashboard, tap ... and change the tile’s layout to Double Height Thermostat Tile

Please let me know if this helps. Thanks.

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