Honeywell T6 and Floor Heating

What’s the difference with double height thermostat tile?

I installed a Honeywell T6 yesterday and I only get Thermostat tile.

Also, I noticed the fan option, don’t have a clue what that would do. Seems something American to me, my thermostat only controls my floor heating, don’t know what a fan would have to do with it :smiley:
Can I disable that property in Smartthings IDE and would that remove the fan options from Sharptools?

Thanks for posting. Would you mind sharing the capabilities that are reported by the device? Or feel free to PM me the “Doc ID” of the device in question.

Historically, SmartThings had a single Thermostat capability that combined all the features of various heating and cooling type devices around the world. In order to cover all the different features, it combined heating, cooling, modes, fans, etc.

Over time, they realized this didn’t work quite well as there’s lots of devices that are Heating Only or Cooling Only, so they broke things out into individual capabilities Thermostat Heating Setpoint, Thermostat Cooling Setpoint, Thermostat Mode, etc.

So if a Thing reports either just the single Thermostat capability or reports both Heating and Cooling capabilities, you get a Double Height Thermostat layout as mentioned in the post you originally replied to.

If the device reports that is has the Thermostat Fan Mode capability or the setThermostatFanMode() command, then the fan modes show up in the thermostat modal / popup. Otherwise they don’t.

I’m not sure how to do it, but here’s a screenshot of what I can use in a rule.

Is there a way to choose which capabilities I want to show on the tile, or would I need to create a super tile or something for that?

I don’t need any of the fan or cooling settings, it only controls the floor heating. More than setpoint and current temp, on and off, there’s nothing I need. It’s mostly the fan controls that take up a lot of unnecesary space.

It’s the device type handler (DTH) / driver that defines what capabilities the device reports. So it sounds like the DTH / driver is reporting more capabilities than it should.

The author of the DTH/driver would need to update it to properly report the appropriate methods.

You may be able to change to a different DTH/driver – most commonly this means turning to the community for your hub to see what options are available.

It’s simply added through the Honeywell home to Smartthings integration. No hub. So will see what I can do about/with the DTH.