Help with making routines "smarter"

Hello one and all.

Pick your brains if I may…

Is it possible to do this?

Soooo, have a some fairly basic rules set up

One is using smartthings motion sensor on the landing to the turn the lights on downstairs in the morning when we get up and walk passed it.

This rule keeps the lights on until we leave the house to take the kids to school and turns them off when we are out (generally same time every day)

My question is having just been on christmas break maybe I wanted the lights to stay on longer or turn off sooner if we went out, can a variable be added to only make this rule execute the turning off if lets say the motion sensor in the living room doesnt detect motion?

i cant see a way to do it…not sure if i can set a scene smartthings and use that or add “if” rules in sharp tools…

any advice much appreciated.

I’m not great with motion sensors, how do you determine you’re going out? With presence detectors or with your phone?

You can use “state stays” as a trigger, example, motion sensor living room stays “no motion” for 15 minutes, turn lights off.

I’ll just tell you how I do it, might give you more ideas. I’m running an always on computer, this has a bridge running on it, that detects our phones on the Wifi network.
My outdoor lights always come on 20 minutes before sunset and turn off 20 minutes after sunrise. When me or my wife is home, the indoors lights come on as well, at the same time. When we’re away or still sleeping, the lights stay off. The sleeping variable is changed with a tab on the dashboard, away or at home is tied to the Wifi detection.
All this is also tied together with an alarm status.

I also have a variable for Christmas time, everytime we’re away, the Christmas tree turns off, when we get home, it turns on, seperate from all the other mood lighting.