Google Sheet/Feed integration

Was looking for an easy way to create stock ticker, without paying or subscribing to all the fancy widgets outthere. Turns out GoogleSheet is the answer you can put whatever data there (for example using GOOGLEFINANCE function), condition color it, size it, etc. Then just share or stream as feed.

Thinking more generically, you can put any data to GoogleSheets and then show it as CustomTile will be super powerful, with some simple HTML/CSS and then an ability to customize. I assume i can hack it today, but a native integration can do a much slicker option.

Thanks for sharing the idea!

Can you clarify what you mean by this?

From what I understand from our previous discussions, you tried embedding the Google Sheets in a custom tile, but the challenge was that it didn’t fill up the whole tile and look polished. So if we are still talking in the context of that, it sounds like you want some way to display the data from a Google Sheet. Considering we don’t have a native ‘matrix’ or ‘table’ data type, I’m not sure how well it would fit as a native integration for displaying the ‘data’ (eg. in a Super Tile / Hero Attribute).

If it’s in a Custom Tile, using an API directly would be the recommended approach at the moment. Google has a few methods for interacting with Sheets via API. Alternatively, there are several sources out there for stock data. For example, here’s a widget another community member enjoyed:

And I’ve had some community members reach out while they were working on building out Custom Tiles for stock data – I don’t think they’ve posted these publicly, but I have some examples with Crypto source that might serve as an inspiration/starting point:

A couple options here

  1. You ask for the link and cell range/sheet id (or link should include the range). Then you treat every cell as a variable and render HTML table with a set of variables, eventually you can probably attach to it some JSON schema and render whatever you want
  2. You use Super Tile and treat each cell from the the sheet as a variable (as you can add and work on today in the Super Tile). You can do some nice stuff with like merged cells, etc.
  3. You use feed API instead of Sheet publishing, then it comes as JSON and then you can do either #1 or #2 or just some kind of generic thingy