Google / Google Home Integrations

What is the status of SharpTools and possible Google Home integration?

Can you clarify what you mean by “Google Home integration”?

Are you referring a a Google Assistant integration (voice), Google branded devices integration (eg. Nest Thermostat, Camera, etc), or devices which you have connected into your Google Home app?

I want it all :smiley:

I have Google assistant relay running at my pc. I have a lot of Nest Minis and I have a lot of devices connected to google home. I would love to see google home devices on my Sharptools panel and I would go crazy if Sharptools could some how interact with assistant relay.

There’s a lot to unpack in there. I’m going to split it out into its own post since this is a 2 year old thread. :slight_smile:

Edit: Moved out of the original thread into it’s own post.

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SharpTools can interface with Google Assistant Relay and Cast Web API. If you have the related devices created in SmartThings, you can authorize them in SharpTools and then use them in either the dashboards or Rule Engine – a common approach being to expose the custom commands from these integrations using Variables + Rules and then interacting with those from your dashboard.

For Google Assistant (voice) integration, I’d be interested in better understanding what you’re looking for there that isn’t already supported by your connected platform (eg. SmartThings / Hubitat).

Google recently announced their devices API (eg. Nest Thermostat, Camera, etc) and it’s still early times for that. You can express your interest in a native SharpTools integration here: Google's Nest Thermostat API's

And since we’ve split this topic out from the original topic, I’ll mention it here that Google does not currently provide an API for the devices that you integrate into Google Home (eg. C by GE bluetooth bulbs). :frowning:

Here’s first few examples that I was wondering:

  • Ability to send commands from SharpTools to Google Home and trigger for example “clean up” routine (in google home). Concerns mostly those devices that can’t be paired with SmartThings but are paired with Google Home.
  • Send for example “it’s dinner time” broadcast to Minis when pressing button in SharpTools dashboard.

These both are something that can’t be done with SmartThings if I got it right.

Have you asked around in the Cast-Web-API or Google Assistant Relay threads?

It’s been a while since I played with Cast-Web-API, but taking a look at their documentation, it looks like they support sending broadcasts:

Similarly, it looks like the Google Assistant Relay integration can do this as well… I could have sworn they used to have a native SmartThings ‘device’ integration, but maybe they’ve deprecated that over time. You could either use a WebCoRE piston or Virtual HTTP Switch to trigger these actions.

Unless Google opens up a native integration for third-party devices connected into Google Home at some point, we’re left with using workarounds or asking the device vendors to provide open APIs (or integrate natively with SmartThings).

I would ask the question in the Google Assistant Relay and Cast-Web-API threads to see what feedback they have…

It seems that I wasn’t thinking clearly enough yesterday… (and the day before…and the day bef…)… :slight_smile:
I’m able to create virtual devices to ST, add device to Sharptools dashboard and then broadcast by using webcore. That’s true and there is nothing additional that needs to be achieved with SharpTools.

Assistant relay nor cast web app can’t send commands (only broadcast) to google home so that Google could run routine. Assistant relay just broadcasts any br messages that it gets. This was probably the thing that I was looking for. Ability to send commands to Google Home from Sharptools. That is why I asked if there is thoughts of integration between SharpTools and Google. I would guess that if that could be possible then it would also mean that all devices paired with google home could be used in rule engine etc.

Here’s few use cases:

  • press button in sharptools dashboard and spotify starts to play music in Mini X
  • press button in sharptools and Google Home would tell me about my day and my meetings
  • press button in sharptools and I my twinkly lights would turn on
  • press button in shaptools and my roborock would start cleaning

This is great point!
“Unless Google opens up a native integration for third-party devices connected into Google Home at some point, we’re left with using workarounds or asking the device vendors to provide open APIs (or integrate natively with SmartThings)”.

Smartthings has a lot of integrations with different vendors but many of them are so called “not certified integrations”. That means that today device works but tomorrow it might not. This is something that is not happening for example with google’s integration. Everything just works after it’s paired.


Hi @josh , I hope you can help me, my question about it is too much simple …How can I open a SharpTools dashboard in kiosk mode (I have an iOS widget thats runs OK) with Google Assistant?

“Hey Google, open Home Dashboard”

Sharptools Dashboard could be opened with a voice command or in a routine to be opened after a command, like “Hey Google, Deactivate the Alarm”, then alarm is deactivated and after that Sharptools could be opened to show that the alarm panel is effective disarmed… for now I can command GA but after that Google Assistant keeps in the screen with no function at all, I need to close it, then tap in the Sharptools dashboard widget to open it and confirm panel status…Thanks in advance !

I am not aware of a way to show the dashboard automatically after you ask GA to run a command, but am wondering if you can setup rules to notify you when alarm status is changed. So you can be assured the alarm is changed after the command.

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