Garage Door Sensor

So I purchased a Ecolink Garage tilt sensor. I am using MyQ as well. I’d like to set my dashboard up so it shows me if my garage is actually open or closed when I shut it / open it. Right now I just have it set up to open or close. Do I need a SmartThings hub to get this to ecolink to work? I see it’s compatible to ring. Is there a workaround this way?

Hi @zcherol76, I haven’t personally tried it yet, but I think you can create a Virtual Device in SmartThings, and then create a Routine in Alexa app to turn this Virtual Device on/off when tilt sensor is changed to open/close. Physical ST hub won’t be needed in this approach, assuming you connect the sensor to Ring, and use Alexa Routine as the bridge to sync the Virtual Device in SmartThings, and use this Virtual Device in the dashboard and/or rule engine.

Do you already have a SmartThings hub or Ring hub?

As @James alluded to, we have a native integration directly with SmartThings - including their hubless (cloud-to-cloud) integrations as well as hub integrations. We don’t have a native Ring integration at the moment, so you would need to proxy it through something like Alexa back into a supported connection like SmartThings.

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I only have the Ring hub. I’m just trying to figure a way around it without purchasing the SmartThings hub. I pretty much have my whole house set up without it. So to buy it just for one thing seems a bit pointless to me. I’ll give the Alexa route a try!