Fully kiosk with fire os

Hey all,

I’ve been using a fire tablet with fully kiosk on it for about 4 weeks now. All of a sudden fully kiosk shuts down randomly.

Has this happened to anyone else?

How did you load FKB? Did you use the apk specifically for FireOS?

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Yes mate on there website there is the fire OS download file

Was there any setting change in Fully? Or installed any other app that potentially shut Fully down?

No mate I’ve not touched the tablet settings since I set it up. It’s strange that all of sudden it shuts down

@Robert_Farley, have you contacted the Fully Kiosk browser’s developer for support yet? The only thing I can think of is the potential setting changes in Fully, and you may get better luck contacting to Fully Kiosk’s support directly.


+1 on reaching out to the FKB developer.

I haven’t seen it crash, but I do have the auto restart feature of FKB turned on. I’m running the FKB version “1.28.1-fire” and haven’t updated in a bit since it’s all been running well for me.

  • Other Settings - Restart Fully After Crash
  • Other Settings - Run as Priority App (if the option is available)
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